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Gate City Bank Pledges $300,000 in Support of ‘Fueling Our Future’

Initiative to Spur Local Economic Development That Helps People, Businesses Thrive

FARGO, ND – Communities are an amazing thing. They give us a place to call home, they inspire us to support our neighbors – they bring people together. Gate City Bank has spent 98 years creating a better way of life for its communities by looking to the future.

The Bank donated $300,000 to Fueling Our Future, an economic development initiative launched in 2018 and driven by the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation. Gate City Bank’s annual increments of $50,000 and logistical support continue to improve quality of life in the area.

“At Gate City Bank, we truly understand that teamwork fuels the economic prosperity of our local communities,” says Kevin Hanson, President & CEO. “Business and community leaders involved with Fueling Our Future are in a unique position to support progress and create a better way of life together.”

Ultimately, the goals of Fueling Our Future are to establish the region as an attractive business location, alleviate long-term workforce shortages and support career education and awareness. Programming falls into three key areas:

  • People: Strengthening the workforce through retention, recruitment and talent development.
  • Place: Enhancing quality of life and place-based assets of the region to benefit businesses, citizens and visitors.
  • Prosperity: Attracting new businesses to the area while retaining and supporting existing ones.

“Emerging Digital Academy” is merely one of many examples of how Fueling Our Future is already supporting the region. It’s North Dakota’s only immersive coding bootcamp, presented as a 20-week course. Fueling Our Future is a proud financial supporter of the course, and aims to meet the growing workforce demand for these critical skills.

“Workforce Exposure Initiatives” is another success story behind Fueling Our Future. This nine-week virtual series is helping businesses develop or enhance their internship programs, ensuring the success of both interns and businesses. Additionally, Fueling Our Future funded the development of a six-part “Building Inclusive and Equitable Workplaces” virtual educational series that attracted more than 400 participants in 2020. The resource can still be accessed on the Chamber’s website.

Fueling Our Future has also helped create a certified shovel-ready-sites program to aid in the attraction and expansion of businesses in our region. The initial work phase has already begun.

Most recently, Fueling Our Future invested in a workforce initiative, Ignite FMWF, which is designed to be a comprehensive, streamlined and systematic approach to addressing our regional workforce and talent needs. The initiative will serve as a connection between employers and the current and future workforce in our region, and will provide opportunities for career awareness, exploration and training.

“Fueling Our Future is key to developing business- and community-led solutions for large-scale community issues,” says Shannon Full, Chamber President & CEO. “Thanks to Gate City Bank and other community partners, we’re improving the lives of people in our communities, and the communities themselves, in incredible ways.”

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