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Gate City Bank Helping Address North Dakota's Skilled Labor Shortage

It’s a booming economic sector that’s been the envy of other states for years, driving innovation that inspires new industries and produces many career opportunities. But despite the promise and prestige of such a favorable labor market, there simply aren’t always enough workers to take the helm, leaving some recruiters high and dry when it comes to overcoming the skilled labor shortage in North Dakota.

That’s why Gate City Bank has donated $30,000 and other assistance to North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) since 2017, fostering a strategic partnership that tackles the state’s labor challenges. Through the school’s Workforce Partner Program, Gate City Bank addresses workforce needs in North Dakota through curriculum development, faculty training, community investment, funding and more.

“We’re proud to work with NDSCS to help promote economic growth across North Dakota,” says Mike Turchin, Gate City Bank Retail Manager in Wahpeton, ND. “That growth is largely fueled by jobs, which is why it’s paramount that we take necessary steps to attract and prepare talented applicants.”

Investing and Thinking Differently Are Key to Addressing the Labor Shortage

In addition to contributing annual installments of $5,000 toward the Workforce Partner Program, Gate City Bank provides equipment, materials and personnel support that help the initiative thrive. The program is part of the Division for Workforce Affairs, which has three pillars:

  • TrainND: Connecting jobseekers to a customized workforce network that fits their expertise.
  • ApprenticeshipND: Helping students advance their skills while earning steady pay.
  • SkillsND: Offering flexible instruction and small class sizes to help students with self-confidence, study habits and language skills.

Pursuing Economic Prosperity for Years to Come

Meaningful work leads to a better way of life, which is why Gate City Bank is excited to continue to partner with NDSCS in meeting recruitment needs across North Dakota in the coming years.

“We appreciate the partnership and support of Gate City Bank in providing training resources that are helping meet workforce needs in North Dakota,” says Susie Carlson, NDSCS Workforce Partner Director. “This has proven to be a successful and rewarding effort that is making a difference.”

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