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Preventing Elder Abuse for Low-Income, Vulnerable Seniors | Gate City Bank

They’re our wise mentors, our caring role models – true examples of what it means to live a better way of life. Our beloved senior citizens have played a crucial role in making us who we are today. That’s why Gate City Bank believes in taking every opportunity to offer them support, especially when it comes to preventing elder abuse in assisted living homes within our communities.

“Gate City Bank takes pride in caring and standing up for those who came before us,” says Amanda Torok, Senior Vice President of Culture. “Our elders spent their lives building amazing legacies that we have the privilege of carrying on, and we want to make sure they’re taken care of in their golden years.”

How Gate City Bank Has Made Preventing Elder Abuse a Priority

Since 2014, Gate City Bank has cultivated a strategic partnership with Senior Crimestoppers, a nationwide crime prevention program that helps protect low-income and vulnerable senior citizens from theft, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and other harmful situations.

For over 20 years, the program has enhanced quality of life in senior living complexes, nursing homes, HUD communities and state veteran facilities. Additionally, it has proven instrumental in educating family and staff members about preventing elder abuse. Other program benefits include:

  • Toll-Free Tips Line: For anonymous incident reporting
  • Personal Lockboxes: Installed in each resident’s room to safely store belongings
  • Safety Signage: Placed throughout facilities to enhance awareness and deter crime

To date, Gate City Bank has donated nearly $150,000 to Senior Crimestoppers and continues to give annually.

“The funds donated by Gate City Bank have been absolutely essential to providing safe and secure residences for seniors,” says David Lenoir, Chairman, President & CEO of CRA Partners, which helps drive the Senior Crimestoppers program. “We very much appreciate the incredible generosity and support.”

Additionally, Gate City Bank team members engage in other various senior outreach efforts in their respective communities every year. Whether it’s delivering a hot meal, providing transportation for medical appointments or just being someone seniors can talk to, many of the Bank’s team members actively volunteer to support the elderly in heartfelt ways, big and small.

For more information about elder crime prevention, visit SeniorCrimestoppers.org.

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