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Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

Fargo Moorhead Community Theater

Gate City Bank is proud to partner with the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre (FMCT) to make a difference in our community. The first program of its kind in Fargo-Moorhead, FMCT offers special sensory-friendly performances to make going to the theatre possible for children with autism and their families. With our monetary gift, kids and families from all walks of life have the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of a live theatre performance. In addition to our donation, our support for the FMCT is expressed through volunteerism of Gate City Bank team members.

With many aspects required to make a performance sensory-friendly, our contribution helped to purchase noise-canceling headphones, as well as "fidget" supplies. A video monitor in a separate safe space allows those who feel overwhelmed during a performance to move to a secondary location and continue viewing the production.

Providing the opportunity for children with autism and their families to enjoy the local arts is what creating a Better Way of Life is all about!

Learn more about the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre here.

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