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COVID-19 Response

Public Schools in ND, MN - Gate City Bank bags ease COVID-19 burden for homebound students

A heavy load is best carried together.

That’s why, since mid-March, Gate City Bank has donated more than 22,000 reusable canvas tote bags to public schools within multiple communities we serve. Students have used the bags to carry essential learning tools home due to social distancing recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Area school systems originally made the request for Gate City Bank’s blue bags when they realized how challenging it would be for students to haul so many supplies home. In addition to easing students’ transition to home learning, Gate City Bank team members are dedicated to making sure customers have access to their regular services online, as well as relief services during the pandemic.

For over 97 years, Gate City Bank has been a committed community partner and financial leader. Throughout this difficult time, we truly care that our customers, communities and team members know they have access to relief options, as well as friendly neighbors who want nothing more than to provide them with a better way of life.

COVID-19 Essentia Health Pizza Delivery

Essentia Health - Gate City Bank Delivers Pizza to Hospital Staffers During COVID-19 Pandemic

We could all use a slice of happiness from time to time.

In late March, a group of our Fargo team members delivered pizza to Essentia Health employees. These health care professionals have been working day and night throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and they deserve kudos! The pizza was a small thank you for all these heroes are doing to help our community members.

The team members from Gate City Bank were also able to deliver pizza to the busy employees at Hornbacher’s on the same day. Also, it was nice that the takeout helped support an area business. Thank you to everyone who’s helping our communities through this difficult time. You’re appreciated!

COVID-19 Heavens Helpers Cookie Donation

Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe - Gate City Bank Brings a Taste of Goodness to Soup Cafe Amid COVID-19

Something as simple as a cookie can be good for the soul.

Gate City Bank recently partnered with Heidi Mazigian, a member of Daisy Girl Scouts Troop 83053, to deliver 50 boxes of delicious Girl Scout cookies to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe in Bismarck.

Heaven’s Helpers’ cafeteria is temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so volunteers have been working around the clock to pack to-go lunches for those in need. The Girl Scout cookies have been a delicious addition to these meals. A big thank you to Heaven’s Helpers for all they’re doing to feed the community!

F-M-WF Police Departments: Gate City Bank Donates 1,500 Hand Sanitizer Sprays to Officers

Community members are ready to wipe their hands of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why Gate City Bank recently donated 1,500 mini spray containers of hand sanitizer to local police officers.

On Thursday, April 16, Gate City Bank team members delivered 1,500 of the .33-ounce sprays to the Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo police departments.

Police officers play a crucial role in keeping our communities safe, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. The sanitizer sprays are just another way Gate City Bank is giving back to the community and helping fight the spread of COVID-19.

Edgewood Village: Gate City Bank Delivers Flowers to Residents in Assisted Living During COVID-19

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring smiles.

On May Day, Gate City Bank team members in Bismarck delivered 173 floral arrangements — each accompanied by a homemade card — to residents at Edgewood Vista, a local assisted living facility.

Like so many others in recent months, these residents have found themselves having to quarantine and practice physical distancing, which sometimes means they don’t get to spend as much time with loved ones. The flowers were a great way to lift their spirits.

Encouraging team members to get involved in local organizations they’re passionate about is a key part of Gate City Bank’s mission and culture. These donated flowers are just one of many examples of the acts of kindness our team members share with those around them.

Gate City Bank Donates Blue Bags to Help Surprise Grand Forks First Responders

You don't have to be a Gate City Bank team member to make a difference in our communities.

Recently, Kimberly Hagen and her friend Lauralee Tupa organized, packed, and distributed nearly 300 blue bags full of treats, cards and other goodies for first responders in the Grand Forks area.

The idea was the result of a conversation about how they could show appreciation for  first responders . The Grand Forks community was grieving the loss of Officer Cody Holte, and the two women were inspired by how first responders had rallied to offer support for the officer’s family. Kimberly and Lauralee organized a social media campaign to request donations for gifts. They were humbled by the outpouring of support, including thousands of dollars in cash donations, food, and products from individuals and businesses. In addition to the contributions, there were nearly 500 individually hand-signed cards from the Grand Forks community, cards and drawings from daycares in the area, and 500 copies of an original poem written for the Grand Forks first responders.

Kimberly and Lauralee realized they needed a way to deliver the amazing donations to each first responder - that's when the pair contacted Gate City Bank. The request was for 50 blue bags – the bank answered with a donation of 500 blue bags. The team spent more than 9 hours packing the gifts before delivering the bags with coffee and food to first responders throughout the Grand Forks area. They will continue to surprise first responders in the area with gift bags throughout the summer.

Creating a better way of life for our communities is key to Gate City Bank's mission, and we were proud to partner with Kimberly and Lauralee to help bring that to the Grand Forks community.

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