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Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank Leadership

Gate City Bank’s diverse leadership team continuously innovates to ensure a best-in-class customer experience while upholding our mission and commitment to being a mutual bank.

Leaders are committed to providing the best products and services to our customers, supporting communities through valued partnerships and philanthropic endeavors and investing in our team members with excellent compensation, competitive benefits and exciting growth opportunities.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin J. Hanson

Executive Vice Presidents

Amy M. Durbin - Executive Vice President of Data Strategies & Marketing

Christopher J. Lee - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Eric A. Malchodi - Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Jessica M. Ebeling - Executive Vice President of Innovation, Digital Solutions & Payments

Kimberly B. Settel - Executive Vice President of Retail Banking & Lending

Kimberly R. Meyer - Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Ryan M. Goellner - Executive Vice President of Technology & Project Management

Senior Vice Presidents

Barbara R. Bertschi - Senior Vice President, Retail Manager

Jay C. Krabbenhoft - Senior Vice President of Administration

Karin J. Rudd - Senior Vice President of EPIC Checking

Kristi R. Persons - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Norman W. Clark - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Ryan K. Coye - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Sherri M. Smith - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Becky L. Mindeman - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Todd D. Olson - Senior Vice President of Financial Services

Patty L. Blozinski - Senior Vice President of BSA and Fraud

Heather L. Rye - Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Development

Amanda S. Torok - Senior Vice President of Culture

Kevin M. Warner - Senior Vice President of Business Banking

Vice Presidents

Susan K. Anderson - Vice President of Lending Solutions

Tanya M. Cox - Vice President of Customer Service Center

Jennifer L. Dirk - Vice President of Deposit & Card Servicing

Robert Ross - Vice President of Administration

Lora B. Stebleton - Vice President of Payments & Customer Service

Jeana M. Marshall - Vice President of Personal Lending Operations

Jalyssa B. Sorenson - Vice President of Mortgage Operations

Andy J. Stein - Vice President of Information Security

Matt L. Schlenvogt - Vice President of Appraisal Operations

Justin J. Zak - Vice President of Business Intelligence

Christi L. Westman - Vice President, Controller

Julie L. Lamb - Vice President, Retail Manager

Amy L. Mazigian - Vice President, Retail Manager

Scott R. Hare - Vice President, Retail Manager

Marcus R. Boykin - Vice President, Retail Manager

Ellen E. Knutson - Vice President, Retail Manager

Susan L. Phelps - Vice President, Retail Manager

Michael J. Turchin - Vice President, Retail Manager

Greg Ellwein - Vice President, Bismarck Business Banker

James Milbrath - Vice President, Fargo Personal Loan Development Officer

Corporate Secretary

Stacy L. Smith - Executive Manager to the President & CEO