Gate City Bank Leadership

Kevin and Steve

Executive Chair & Chair of the Board

Steven J. Swiontek

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin J. Hanson

Executive Vice Presidents

Amy M. Durbin - Executive Vice President of Data Strategies & Marketing

Christopher J. Lee - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Jessica M. Ebeling - Executive Vice President of Innovation, Digital Solutions & Payments

Kimberly B. Settel - Executive Vice President of Retail Banking & Lending

Kimberly R. Meyer - Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Ryan M. Goellner - Executive Vice President of Technology & Project Management

Senior Vice Presidents

Barbara R. Bertschi - Senior Vice President, Retail Manager

Jay C. Krabbenhoft - Senior Vice President of Administration

Karin J. Rudd - Senior Vice President of EPIC Checking

Kristi R. Persons - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Norman W. Clark - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Ryan K. Coye - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Sherri M. Smith - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Becky L. Mindeman - Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

Todd D. Olson - Senior Vice President of Financial Services

Patty L. Blozinski - Senior Vice President of BSA and Fraud

Heather L. Rye - Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Development

Amanda S. Torok - Senior Vice President of Culture

Kevin M. Warner - Senior Vice President of Business Banking

Vice Presidents

Susan K. Anderson - Vice President of Lending Solutions

Tanya M. Cox - Vice President of Customer Service Center

Jennifer L. Dirk - Vice President of Deposit & Card Servicing

Robert Ross - Vice President of Administration

Lora B. Stebleton - Vice President of Payments & Customer Service

Jeana M. Marshall - Vice President of Personal Lending Operations

Jalyssa B. Sorenson - Vice President of Mortgage Operations

Samuel R.J. Jelleberg - Vice President, Senior Financial Analyst

Andy J. Stein - Vice President of Information Security

Matt L. Schlenvogt - Vice President of Appraisal Operations

Justin J. Zak - Vice President of Business Intelligence

Christi L. Westman - Vice President, Controller

Julie L. Lamb - Vice President, Retail Manager

Amy L. Mazigian - Vice President, Retail Manager

Scott R. Hare - Vice President, Retail Manager

Marcus R. Boykin - Vice President, Retail Manager

Ellen E. Knutson - Vice President, Retail Manager

Susan L. Phelps - Vice President, Retail Manager

Michael J. Turchin - Vice President, Retail Manager

Greg Ellwein - Vice President, Bismarck Business Banker

James Milbrath - Vice President, Fargo Personal Loan Development Officer

Corporate Secretary

Stacy L. Smith - Executive Manager to the Executive Chair and the President & CEO