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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Gate City Insurance Advisors help you create the best homeowners policy coverage by reviewing coverage options to personalize your policy.

One way to personalize homeowners coverage is to add additional coverage called “endorsements”. Here is a short list of endorsements that you should discuss with your advisor:

Sewer Back Up

Sewer backups can cause extensive and expensive damage to your basement. Check with our insurance advisors about adding it to your home policy.

Scheduled Personal Property

Scheduling personal property means listing specific items for coverage on your policy. Insurance companies typically set a dollar limit on how much they will pay for certain types of valuables like jewelry or art, and they do not cover those expensive items for accidental losses. Some items to consider specifically listing on your homeowners insurance policy include things like jewelry, art and antiques, and electronics. You may have to provide your insurance provider with a recent receipt or a professional appraisal to determine the scheduled value.

Personal Property Replacement Cost

This insures the replacement cost of your personal property in the case of a covered loss. Without this, your policy may only pay you for the depreciated value of your personal property. For example, if your flat screen TV is destroyed in a covered loss, replacement cost on personal property will pay the full cost to replace it with one of a similar type and quality. If you do not have replacement cost on your personal property, you would only be paid the actual cash value, or depreciated value, which could be hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars less.

Home Business

Many people are starting home-based businesses and now need business insurance. A home-based business is not covered in a basic homeowners policy, however some types of home-based businesses can be covered for business property and liability by adding additional coverage. Check with your insurance advisor to see how you can add this coverage.

Check with your insurance advisor today to learn more about these options or to determine other coverage options to consider for your policy.

If you are interested in learning more about insurance basics, check out our quick, online financial education course.

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