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Gate City Bank Announces Enhanced Security and Fraud Protection

SEPTEMBER 16, FARGO, ND - Gate City Bank announced today it is adding EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) chip technology to all new ATM and Check Cards, providing customers with improved security and fraud protection and is more widely accepted internationally.

The EMV chip cards securely store and process data more efficiently. The cards are also more difficult to copy, providing enhanced security against lost, stolen and counterfeit card fraud for purchases made at chip-enabled terminals. New Gate City Bank customers will receive ATM and Check Cards with the EMV chip. Current customers' cards will be replaced over the next 12 months.  Some merchants have not updated their chip-enabled terminals and so the cards will also have the magnetic stripe so it can function at all merchants.

Kim Meyer, Director of Administration at Gate City Bank stated, "Gate City Bank’s goal is to provide our customers with exceptional products and services offering enhanced value and protection. The addition of the EMV chip card will allow us to offer our customers increased fraud protection along with a stress-free use of their card."

As always, Gate City Bank will continue to provide monitoring for ATM & Check Cards to prevent fraud, and customers will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions. For further information about EMV Chip Cards visit gatecity.bank/chip

Custom Designed ATM and Check Card
As an added benefit for customers interested in upgrading to a new EMV chip card, Gate City Bank is offering custom designed ATM and Check Cards with My Card Creation or My School Spirit.

My Card Creation allows customers to show off their unique style by downloading their own image for the front of their ATM and Check Card.

My School Spirit ATM & Check Cards allow customers to show their school pride by selecting their favorite high school or college design from a list of participating schools. In addition, Gate City Bank will donate $5 to the school for every ATM & Check Card ordered.

For information about custom designed cards, visit gatecity.bank/mycard

About Gate City Bank:
A $1.8 billion mutual community bank, Gate City Bank has been providing complete banking services to its customers since 1923. Gate City Bank has 34 convenient banking offices across North Dakota and Minnesota, and employs over 520 people.



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