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Business Relationship Certificates of Deposit


  • FDIC Insured
  • Earn a higher interest rate
  • Choose your term from one to five years


Effective Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022

Business Relationship Certificate of Deposit Rates

Term*Annual Percentage YieldInterest Rate
1 Year2.05%2.05%
13 Month2.45%2.45%
2 Year2.25%2.25%
25 Month2.80%2.80%
30 Month2.25%2.25%
3 Year2.40%2.40%
4 Year2.55%2.55%
5 Year2.65%2.65%

* An early withdrawal penalty may apply to the above certificates of deposit.

Minimum balance required to open account and earn APY is only $1,000 for all Certificates of Deposit (CD's) including the Relationship CD.

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1Recurring automatic payment can include phone bill, utility bill, etc. Please contact a representative for more information.