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Business Online Banking

  1. To apply, please contact us.

  2. Business Online Banking can be established immediately by visiting any Gate City Bank location.

    Note: Please allow additional time for ACH Origination or Remote Deposit Capture approval.

  3. A Relationship Banker will train the business employees for the additional services. Training will depend on the location and the needs of the business.

  4. Please contact us for the current Schedule of Charges.

  5. Please visit our Business Online Banking page.

  6. Unlimited - A business can set up 1 user or 1000 users.

  7. No. Gate City Bank defines the Company ID, and no personal information is required to log in.

    • WebConnect for QuickBooks (.qbo)
    • WebConnect for Quicken (.qfx)
    • QuickBooks (.iif)
    • Quicken/Money (.qif)
    • Comma Delimited (.csv)
    • HTML
  8. A batch is what the business creates to send ACH transactions into the ACH network. A batch is a group of records considered as a single unit for the purpose of data processing. The business creates a batch that will have required information to send an ACH transaction. Each batch will contain an effective date for the transactions, the business name, the account numbers, dollar amounts, customer names and routing numbers for the individual transactions.

  9. According to NACHA guidelines, a transaction can not be entered into the ACH network until the effective date is within one business day for debits or within two business days for credits.

    However, the business can initiate their batch prior to these restrictions. Gate City Bank has a system that will warehouse the batches created by the business until the effective date is within the NACHA guidelines. We recommend initiating your ACH batch at least two business days before the effective date.

  10. Gate City Bank currently has set ACH batch cutoff time to 4:00pm (CT).

  11. The business can submit a request to Gate City Bank. Depending on the circumstances, a transaction or an entire batch may or may not be able to be reversed.

  12. The debit or credit for the batch total will be posted to the business's account on the effective date of the ACH batch.

  13. No.

  14. Gate City Bank currently has set the wire cutoff time to 2:00pm (CT).