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About Firewalls

  1. Firewalls help protect against attacks across any network – the Internet, your home network, and even wireless networks, like at the airport, library or work.

    There are two types of firewalls:

    Software Firewalls are popular for individual home use. In fact, operating systems, like Microsoft Windows and Mac, often come with built-in software firewalls. If not already “built in” to a computer, software firewalls can be loaded onto any user’s computer.

    Hardware Firewalls provide a strong degree of protection and are often used by businesses or users with networked computers. These physical devices require a power source and connect directly to a network.

  2. Microsoft and Mac operating systems and even Antivirus software programs often include firewalls. Firewalls can also be purchased at most electronics stores or online.

  3. Microsoft Windows users can verify if the firewall is turned on by accessing the Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

    Mac users can verify if the Firewall is turned on by accessing System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall.

  4. Check your system to ensure that the firewall is not only installed, but also turned on.

  5. Without a firewall, your system may be vulnerable to unauthorized access and attack.

  6. Most individual home users use a software firewall, typically the one that is included with their computer operating system. Hardware firewalls are typically suited for businesses and networks.