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About Software Updates

  1. Software Updates come in the form of software “patches” that replace defective sections of software code with corrected code. All software manufacturers issue patches either on a regular schedule or as defects are discovered.

    Malware such as viruses, worms and trojans can infiltrate a computer through a software application that has not been patched.

    Automatic Updates are included in most operating systems and software programs. These features periodically and automatically update the user’s computer.

    Microsoft Windows calls this feature “Auto Update.”

    Mac calls this feature “Software Update.”

    Other software programs may display pop-up notices within a program notifying you to install the latest software patches.

  2. Some software programs, including Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems, provide automatic software updates. Keep these automatic updates turned on so that your computer is protected routinely.

  3. Microsoft Windows users can check the “Auto Update” settings by accessing the Control Panel > Automatic Updates.

    Mac users can check the “Software Update” settings by accessing System Preferences > Software Update.

  4. Most software programs have automatic update and patching features. The program “Help” menu may also include a feature allowing you to manually “Check for Updates.”