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About Antivirus Software

  1. Antivirus software typically works in two ways:

    • Removes Known Malware
      Antivirus software examines your computer looking for known viruses using a library of definitions and cures to remove threats. Antivirus software will automatically update its library to stay current as new threats and protections emerge.
    • Prevents New Malware
      Antivirus software looks for suspicious computer processing behavior to prevent threats that are either new variants of existing threats or brand new threats altogether. Antivirus software prevents suspicious code from executing and blocks access to infected files.
  2. Antivirus software can be purchased at an electronics store, either online or offline.

    Some Antivirus software vendors include:

  3. Check the list of programs on your computer to verify if Antivirus software is already installed. Look for program names that may match one of the Antivirus vendors listed below.

  4. Most Antivirus vendors sell a perpetual license that requires annual renewal in order to continue receiving updates that protect against the latest threats. The annual renewal fee is often less than the initial purchase of the Antivirus software.

  5. Antivirus software automatically updates itself with the latest threat and cure definitions and often repairs damaged content automatically if it encounters malware (malicious software).