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Debit Card Controls

  1. Within the “Set Card Controls” menu, you can block purchases for a specific debit card based on:

    • Merchant Type
    • Transaction Type
    • Location Type
    • Spending Limits

    Merchant Type: Control transactions for department stores, entertainment, gas stations, groceries, household, personal care, restaurants and travel.

    Transaction Type: Set controls when an ATM, online, in-store and mail/phone order transaction is attempted.

    Location Type: Block international transactions or purchases attempted outside of the region radius you set on your debit card.

    Transaction Amount Limit: Set limits to decline transactions over a specific dollar amount. For example, if you set a $50 transaction limit for your debit card, purchases higher than $50 cannot be completed.

  2. No, there is no charge for this service! Please note, if you choose to receive text alerts through debit card controls, your carrier's messaging and data rates may apply.

  3. Yes! All eligible cards on your accounts will be available for debit card controls through online banking or our mobile app by navigating to the “Control Debit Cards” screen.

  4. Whether you’re adding or removing a block or limit on your account, debit card control changes are effective immediately.