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External Transfers

  1. External transfers are when you move funds from your account at Gate City Bank to your account at another financial institution.

  2. Please give us a call at 701-293-2400 or 800-423-3344 or talk with someone at your local bank location so they can ensure the transaction is legitimate.

  3. On the Transfer Funds page, enter the amount and select the From and To accounts. You’ll need to change today’s date to a future date.

    From the Frequency menu, choose how often you want the transfers to be sent.

    From the Duration menu, choose when you want the transfers to stop.

  4. We’ll email you when a transfer is complete. We’ll also display your transfers for the past 180 days on the Activity page.

    As always, you can check your account statement to verify that the transfer was debited or credited as you requested.

  5. Each transfer has a status on the Activity page. Select the information icon next to the word Status in the top row of the table to see the definitions for each status.

  6. Yes. Select the Edit link next to a pending transfer on the Activity page and save your changes. You can also edit recurring transfers this way.

    You can’t edit transfers that don’t have an Edit link.

  7. Yes, you can schedule transfers up to one year in advance.

  8. On the Transfer Funds page, enter the transfer amount and select the From and to accounts. Use the Send date displayed or select a new date. The Frequency needs to be One Time Transfer.

    On the review page you can Confirm, Edit, or Cancel your transfer.

  9. The delivery days are listed in the Fees and Delivery Info link on the Transfer Funds page. You’ll need to select a From and to account to see your delivery options and the link.

  10. We’ll make two small deposits to your account within 2-3 business days after you start the trial deposit process. Ensure the receiving account has a balance of at least $0.01 and is active.

  11. If for any reason, you do not want to get your account verified online, you can always get it verified using Trial Deposit Verification. Just click on the option to verify via trial deposits. Upon your request for Trial Deposit Verification, Gate City Bank will make one or two deposits into your account. You will be asked to confirm the amount of the deposits.

  12. Select Add new account from the Transfer Funds page and select the type of account you want to add or select the + Add Account on the Preferences page.

    For security, you must verify each account you add before you can use it for transfers.

    For online verification, you’ll be asked to provide your login credentials for the account you are adding. Online verification is quick and completely safe, and we never store your credentials.

  13. Currently external transfers can only be completed on the desktop version of online banking.

    • Balance check - minimum of $100 must be left in the account after a transfer is made.
    • No NSF transfers in the previous 3 months
    • Incoming funds must be credited to a deposit account.
    • At least $1000 of incoming transfers must be made from the external account before an incoming Next-Day transfer can be made.