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Online Banking

  1. Go to our home page and click on "Sign Up". Follow the registration instructions and your Online Banking account may be set up immediately upon verification of the information you provided. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your Online Banking registration.

  2. The use of Online Banking is totally FREE. This includes viewing accounts, making transfers, Online Bill Pay, Online Statements, etc.

  3. No. You are the only one that knows your password. If the password is forgotten, you may click on the “Forgot Password?” link below the login area or contact a Customer Service Team Member.

  4. Keep your passwords in a secure place, and out of plain sight. Don't share them on the Internet, over email, or on the phone. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should never ask for your password. In addition, hackers may try to figure out your passwords to gain access to your computer. To make it tougher for them:

    • Use passwords that have at least eight characters and include numbers or symbols. The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack. A 12-character password is stronger than one with eight characters.
    • Avoid common words: some hackers use programs that can try every word in the dictionary.
    • Don't use your personal information, your login name, or adjacent keys on the keyboard as passwords.
    • Change your passwords regularly (at a minimum, every 90 days).
    • Don't use the same password for each online account you access.
  5. For security purposes, your account will be locked if the password or verification code are entered incorrectly 5 or more times. You can reset your password and unlock your account by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link under the login area or by contacting a Customer Service Team Member.

  6. Checking, Savings, and Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts will have one year of history.

    Loan accounts will have at least 18 months of history.

  7. Online balances, transfers, and transaction history are live and up to the minute. Online Banking will show current balances and any transactions that have occurred during the current day. (The balance and history will match the bank's system.)

  8. Online Banking provides the following information:

    • Principal balance
    • Amount due
    • Next due date
    • Interest rate
    • Previous year interest paid
    • Escrow balance (mortgage loan)
  9. Online Banking supports regular and principal-only loan payments made from a Gate City Bank checking or savings account. You can make a payment using a checking or savings account at another Financial Institution using External Transfers.

    When making a transfer to a loan, you have the following options:

    • Payment Due
    • Custom Amount
    • Pay to $0 – available only for Checking Reserve or Line of Credit
    • Principal-Only Payment

    Please note: You must make your regular payment before paying an additional amount to principal. You may receive an error message if you attempt to make a principal-only payment before making your regular payment on a mortgage loan.

  10. Yes. Online Banking offers the following alert types:

    • Balance Alert – Receive an alert when either the Available Balance or Actual Balance of the account changes
    • Check Cleared Alert – Receive an alert when a specific Check Number clears the selected account
    • Daily Balance Alert – Receive a daily balance alert with either the Available Balance or Actual Balance and specify the alert delivery time
    • Loan Due Alert
      • Receive an alert a specified number of days before the loan payment is due
      • Receive an alert when the selected loan is past due. Choose to receive additional reminders after a specified number of days
    • Maturity Alert
      • Receive an alert a specified number of days before the account reaches maturity
      • Receive an alert when the account reaches maturity. Choose to receive additional reminders after a specified number of days
    • Transaction Alert – Receive an alert for specific transaction types
    • Secure Message Alert – Receive an alert when Gate City Bank sends a new Secure Message
    • Card Alert – Receive an alert for the following criteria:
      • All transactions
      • Transactions over a specified amount
      • International transactions
      • Specific merchant types
      • Specific transaction types
      • Note: alerts must be set up for each card individually
  11. Log into Online Banking, go to Profile/Settings> Profile Updates> Change Email Address. Your Current Email is visible on this page. You can update your email on this page by completed the fields and clicking Update.

  12. On the Download Transactions page, found in the Accounts menu, you can download transactions to Quicken® (.qfx) or QuickBooks (QBO). 

    On the Account History page, you can download your transactions to Excel (.csv) using the Download To: Spreadsheet link found above the Date and Description columns.

  13. Yes. Transfers made online are up to the minute.

  14. Follow these steps to complete a transfer.

    1. Click on the Make a Transfer tile, or mouse over the Transfer menu and select Manage Transfers
    2. Select the account you would like to transfer out of
    3. Select the account you would like to transfer to
    4. Enter the amount you would like to transfer. Click OK
    5. Select your Scheduling Option.
      1. Immediate – Default
      2. Future-Dated (One Time) – additional information required
      3. Recurring – additional information required
    6. Enter a Description (optional)
    7. Click Submit after reviewing your information for accuracy

    Your transfer will be completed immediately upon clicking Submit. A confirmation number will display on the final page along with the details of your transfer.

  15. Yes. Log into Online Banking, mouse over the "Transfers" tab, and then click on "Manage Transfers."

    One-time transfers can be scheduled up to one year in advance.

    Recurring transfers can be scheduled:

    • weekly
    • biweekly (every two weeks)
    • semimonthly (twice a month)
    • monthly
    • quarterly
    • semiannually (every six months)
    • annually
    • and more!
    • Profile Updates
      • Primary Address
      • Phone number - all phone numbers listed are provided the option to receive text or automated phone call for verification codes
      • E-mail Address
      • User ID
      • Password
    • Alerts – set up, edit, and delete alerts as well as view your alert history
    • Fast Balances – enable your mobile device to view account balance and recent transactions from the Log In screen
    • Fingerprint Access – enable your mobile device to log in using your fingerprint or face on devices which support fingerprint or Face ID
    • Text Banking - enroll in Text Banking and make changes to your Text Banking phone number
    • User – add and manage your secondary user’s profile and access
  16. New accounts will automatically be added to your Online Banking within 1 business day of being opened.

    Closed accounts will not be visible in Online Banking. Online Statements are available for 2 years from the account close date.

    You may disable an account without removing it completely. To hide your open accounts, from the Accounts menu, select Hide Accounts. Uncheck the box in the Show column to disable the account, then click Save. Simply recheck the box to see the account again.

    1. Log in to Online Banking and mouse over Profile/Settings, Profile Updates, then click Change Address and Phone Number
    2. Add a Phone Number: Enter your phone number in the Home Phone, Mobile Phone, or Work Phone field, as applicable. Click Update.
    3. Remove a Phone Number: Delete the incorrect phone number. Click Update.

    All phone numbers are given the option to receive either text messages or automated phone calls.

  17. This is an example of a balance alert: The balance in your Certificate Of Deposit account is currently above $50.00

  18.  Alerts are processed at the top of every hour. You may not receive your alert immediately as the file can take some time to process.

  19. A joint account owner can call and discuss the account but any maintenance for Online Banking cannot be done by someone other than the online banking owner.  If you would like your spouse to have access to online banking for a Joint Account, you will need to register separately for online banking accounts. We can assist you at 800-423-3344 if you have online banking established or need further assistance.

    Gate City Bank takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. To protect your online security, we strongly encourage users NOT to share online banking profiles or login credentials. 

  20. Gate City Bank takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. As a safety measure, we may ask you a challenge question to access your online banking account.

    These challenge questions are generated from public records and may include information from several years ago, such as past vehicle registrations.

    If you are having trouble recalling the answer to the questions, please contact us. We may ask you to verify your phone number in the event we need to send you a secure verification code to access your online banking account.

  21. To follow online security protection best practices, you should avoid User IDs and Passwords that are simple and, instead, establish a more complex User ID and Password to safeguard your account and information.

    To create a more complex User ID and Password, try using combinations of letters, numbers, and characters, such as:

    • Passwords are case-sensitive and must be between 8 and 32 characters. They must contain at least three of the following items:
    • Lowercase letters (a-z)
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Symbols `[email protected]#$%^&*()_+-={}|:;'?,./

    Learn more about best practices in protecting your identity online and offline.

  22. You will receive this standard response when:

    • Incorrect User ID is entered OR
    • Incorrect Password is entered Or
    • Account access is restricted

    Note: Receiving this message does not necessarily indicate that all items listed above are occurring.

    If you receive this message and need assistance logging into your account, click on the Forgot User ID or Forgot Password links and then follow the prompts. If you have any questions about this process, please call us at 800-423-3344 for further assistance.

  23. Gate City Bank takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. As a safety measure, we may ask you to provide a one-time passcode or ask you a challenge question.

    A one-time passcode is a code that is valid for only one login session. While logging into your online banking account, you may be prompted to enter a passcode to proceed to your account. You will be asked if you would like this passcode via text or phone call.

    Additionally, you may be asked to complete login challenge questions; these are an extra level of security that helps to prevent unwanted access to an account.

    Events that trigger a passcode or challenge question request:

    • Recently failed log in
    • Logging in from an unknown device (new phone, work computer)
    • Logging in from a network that has not previously been associated with your device (login attempts from a personal phone but your physical location is different)

    As an additional security measure, if requested, your account settings can be adjusted to ask challenge questions each time a login is attempted.

  24. After logging in click on the account you are needing information for, then select ‘Get More Details’.

    From here, you will find the following information:

    • Account Name
    • Account Nickname
    • Current Balance
    • Routing Number
    • Date Opened
    • Interest Rate
    • Year to Date Interest
  25. Sending money using your online bank account is easy and secure! You have the following options available with your online bank account:

    • Add Transfer Account --- Transfer money to another Gate City Bank member INSTANTLY with this feature. REQUIRES the recipient’s account number.
    • Zelle® --- A convenient way to send money using your mobile banking app or online banking account.
  26. By default, non-US phones do not work but can be added to personal accounts. Please call 800-423-3344 for assistance and we will add that phone number to the account.

    Unfortunately, Business accounts cannot use an international phone, so in order to access your account please answer the challenge questions by clicking “I cannot be reached at any of these numbers” or call us directly to answer the challenge questions.