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Online Banking Login Security

  1. Login Security is an online security feature that provides an additional layer of protection from fraud and identity theft by preventing unauthorized access to your secure financial information. Login Security uses technology to verify your identity.

  2. Login Security will allow us to recognize you as the true owner of your account by recognizing not only your login information but also your computer. If we don't recognize your computer, we will request additional information that is known by only you to ensure authorized access to Online Banking.

  3. Yes. Once this feature is enabled, you will be sent a verification code if the system does not recognize your computer. Login Security helps prevent unauthorized access to Online Banking, protecting the functions and financial information related to your banking accounts.

  4. Login Security allows us to know that it's really you logging into your account. We know it's you because we recognize your computer AND your login information. If we do not recognize your computer, then you will be asked for a verification code.

  5. Yes you can. We support most of the commonly used browsers. If you log in from a public computer or a computer we don't recognize, we will send you a verification code to gain access.

  6. A verification code is a one-time passcode provided by the system that is unique to you and used in the process to authenticate your identity.

  7. You will receive a verification code each time your User ID and password have been successfully authenticated from a computer that is not recognized.

  8. No, your verification code is valid for a one time use only. If the previous code has been used, a new verification code must be generated in order for you to access the site.

  9. Yes, your verification code will expire after 10 minutes. The expired verification code entry will count as a failed login attempt.

  10. Yes. This feature does not prevent you from logging in from any computer. If we do not recognize the computer that you are using then we will simply ask for a verification code before allowing you access to Online Banking.

    • Log in to Online Banking and go to Profile/Settings> Profile Updates> Change Address and Phone Number
    • Add a Phone Number: Enter your phone number in the Home Phone, Mobile Phone, or Work Phone field, as applicable. Click Update.
    • Remove a Phone Number: Delete the incorrect phone number. Click Update.

    All phone numbers are given the option to receive either text messages or automated phone calls.

  11. Online Banking looks at many different attributes to decide whether additional verification is required. You may also be asked for additional verification when completing actions/transactions that are higher risk, such as changing your address.

  12. Yes. You can use the same computer to login to your individual accounts safely; you will not be able to access each other's information. Just remember to never share your User ID or password with anyone.

  13. Gate City Bank takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. As a safety measure, we may ask you a challenge question to access your online banking account.

    These challenge questions are generated from public records and may include information from several years ago, such as past vehicle registrations.

    If you are having trouble recalling the answer to the questions, please contact us. We may ask you to verify your phone number in the event we need to send you a secure verification code to access your online banking account.

  14. Gate City Bank takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. As a safety measure, we may ask you to provide a one-time passcode or ask you a challenge question.

    A one-time passcode is a code that is valid for only one login session. While logging into your online banking account, you may be prompted to enter a passcode to proceed to your account. You will be asked if you would like this passcode via text or phone call.

    Additionally, you may be asked to complete login challenge questions; these are an extra level of security that helps to prevent unwanted access to an account.

    Events that trigger a passcode or challenge question request:

    • Recently failed log in
    • Logging in from an unknown device (new phone, work computer)
    • Logging in from a network that has not previously been associated with your device (login attempts from a personal phone but your physical location is different)

    As an additional security measure, if requested, your account settings can be adjusted to ask challenge questions each time a login is attempted.

  15. By default, non-US phones do not work but can be added to personal accounts. Please call 800-423-3344 for assistance and we will add that phone number to the account.

    Unfortunately, Business accounts cannot use an international phone, so in order to access your account please answer the challenge questions by clicking “I cannot be reached at any of these numbers” or call us directly to answer the challenge questions.