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Simply Save

  1. Simply Save will round up to the next $1. It is not possible to round up more than to the next dollar within the program.

  2. To end enrollment in Simply Save, please call us at 800-423-3344, or stop into one of our convenient locations.

  3. A daily transfer will not occur in any of the following situations:

    • A negative balance already exists
    • The transfer will create a negative balance (if your account does not have enough funds, a Simply Save transfer will not be completed)
  4. Yes, a Simply Save Authorization Form will be required.

  5. Recurring payments set up on your debit card, will be included in the Simply Save round up.

  6. One lump sum Simply Save transfer will complete at the end of the business day or early the following business day. Sunday and federal holiday Simply Save transfers are completed with the lump sum transfer on the next business day. 

  7. Simply Save will not impact tax reporting.

  8. There are no transfer limitations.

  9. Yes – this will not affect your Simply Save enrollment.

  10. Simply Save will be completed for all cards on the account.

  11. Transfers must take place between Gate City Bank accounts.

  12. Checking accounts, savings accounts, money market savings, personal loans (auto, motorcycle, etc.), and BetterLife Student Loan.

  13. If your checking account does not have enough funds, a Simply Save transfer will not be completed.

  14. There is no limit to the number of checking accounts that can be connected to Simply Save. You can connect Simply Save to any of your active checking accounts that have a debit card connected.

  15. Debit card purchases are included in Simply Save round ups, but ATM withdrawals are not included in the program.

  16. Yes.

  17. If you have available funds, the Simply Save round up transfer will be completed.

  18. If you return a purchase or a debit card transaction is cancelled or reversed, the Simply Save transfer will remain in the savings account. Credit transactions or adjustment transactions will not be rounded up.