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Round Up With Simply Save

Introducing Simply Save from Gate City Bank! Use the power of your Gate City Bank debit card to round up transactions. Save for your financial goals or pay off debt, all without any extra effort.

Here's How It Works

It’s simple. Use your Gate City Bank debit card to make a purchase, and we will automatically round up to the next whole dollar – depositing the difference from your checking account right into your savings account, another approved account of your choice – or even toward a loan payment. It’s that easy!1

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up below! Choose which checking account you’d like to use and select where you want the funds to go: savings, checking, money market, personal loan or your BetterLife student loan.

Prefer to chat with us? Give us a call at 701-293-2400 or 800-423-3344, and we will be happy to assist you with enrolling.

Your Gate City Bank checking account must be enrolled in electronic statements to be eligible to round up funds. All debit cards on the checking account will begin rounding up for Simply Save within two business days.

Your Simply Save Account

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Simply Save FAQs

  1. Simply Save will round up to the next $1. It is not possible to round up more than to the next dollar within the program.

  2. You may notify us in person, writing or by phone if you wish to cancel Simply Save at any time. Give us a call at 800-423-3344, contact us online or stop into one of our convenient locations.

  3. A daily transfer will not occur in any of the following situations:

    • A negative balance already exists
    • The transfer will create a negative balance (if your account does not have enough funds, a Simply Save transfer will not be completed)
  4. Yes, a Simply Save Authorization Form will be required.

  5. Recurring payments set up on your debit card, will be included in the Simply Save round up.

  6. Gate City Bank combines the round-up from purchases each business day into a single lump sum. One Simply Save transfer will be completed to your checking account each business day. Transfers on weekends and federal holidays are completed with the transfer on the next business day.

  7. Simply Save will not impact tax reporting.

  8. There are no transfer limitations.

  9. Yes – this will not affect your Simply Save enrollment.

  10. Simply Save will be completed for all cards on the account.

  11. Transfers must take place between Gate City Bank accounts.

  12. Simply Save funds may be rounded up and applied toward savings, checking and money market accounts, as well as personal (auto, motorcycle, etc.) and BetterLife student loans. Please note that mortgage loans, revolving lines of credit, certificates of deposit (CDs), retirement accounts, home equity loans or business loans are not eligible for Simply Save.

  13. If, on a business day, your checking account does not have enough funds, a Simply Save transfer will not occur.

  14. There is no limit to the number of checking accounts that can be connected to Simply Save. You can connect Simply Save to any of your active checking accounts that have a debit card connected.

  15. Debit card purchases are included in Simply Save round ups, but ATM withdrawals are not included in the program.

  16. Yes.

  17. If you have available funds, the Simply Save round up transfer will be completed.

  18. If you return a purchase or your debit card transaction is cancelled or reversed, the corresponding Simply Save transfer will remain in the designated account. Credit or adjustment transactions will not be rounded up.

  19. If the checking account enrolled in the Simple Save program or the account receiving round-up transfers is closed, the Simply Save service will be canceled. If you choose to apply round-up payments toward a loan and it is paid in full, you may re-enroll in Simply Save at any time and round up toward a different account. 

1Customers must be enrolled in electronic statements to be eligible for Simply Save. Gate City Bank may cancel or modify the Simply Save program at any time without prior notice. Limitations on eligible account types apply.