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Since 2015, Gate City Bank has been providing a better way of life for graduates in our communities. We have helped more than 2,600 customers refinance their student loans. Over the lifetime of the loan, we will save each customer an average of $7,758 in student loan interest. That's a total of $20 million!

How can the BetterLife Student Loan
Program benefit YOU?

  • Help you buy your first home by decreasing monthly student loan payments
  • Allow you flexibility to purchase more home, or upgrade to a bigger home
  • Save on interest with a fixed rate of 1.50% APR* (an average savings of $7,758!)
    The national average interest rate on student loans is 2.75%**
  • Consolidate student loans into one payment
  • Pay off student loans faster by shortening the repayment time frame
  • Plus, NO fees - yes, really!

Read more here about how Gate City Bank is creating a better way of life for our customers.

Are you eligible?

The BetterLife Student Loan program isn't just for recent students or first-time home buyers. It is available to any individual who has student loans and meets certain eligibility requirements:

  • Gate City Bank home loan on a primary residential home in North Dakota or central Minnesota (existing, purchasing or refinancing)
  • 12 months of repayment history on existing student loans (a copy of loan payment history for each loan being consolidated is required)
  • Copy of college degree, advanced degree, or trade certificate required (advanced degree applicants must be currently working in the field matching their advanced degree)
  • Online statement sign-up

Ready to get started? Contact a Gate City Bank personal lender today!


*Terms and conditions may apply.
**Based on 2020-2021 Federal Student Loan Interest Rates.