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Protect What Matters With Liability Umbrella Insurance.

Life is full of moments we’ll want to relive over and over. The ones that make us belly laugh until we cry, and the ones we’ll remember for a long, long time. However, there are also moments that are beyond our control, and that’s where liability umbrella insurance provides extra peace of mind.

Protection for the Uncontrollable Times.

At Gate City Insurance Agency, we believe in doing everything possible to make sure our customers are protected in moments that are less than perfect, unpredictable even. That’s why we provide top-of-the-line liability umbrella insurance, which extends to members of your household.

An additional safeguard against lawsuits involving injury and property damage to someone else, our liability umbrella insurance extends coverage beyond the parameters of a regular underlying policy. It’s an opportunity to pay less out of pocket in the event of an unexpected disaster.

It’s also a benefit to everyone – because accidents that lead to litigation and high costs do happen. Getting set up is quick, easy and affordable, and includes:

  1. Contacting an insurance advisor

  2. Narrowing down your ideal options within minutes

  3. Receiving a competitive quote in 3-5 business days

  4. Being protected for the unpredictable

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Don’t risk losing to circumstances that are possibly outside of your control. Enjoy an affordable option to stay well protected in the event you find yourself liable for a claim larger than your existing insurance.

Reach out to one of our knowledgeable insurance advisors to get started!

Insurance Options Perfect for Any Life Stage.

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Keeping Insurance Personal.

From saving on auto insurance to taking care of loved ones, our advisors work tirelessly to provide you with the best coverage – protecting what matters most.

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Calculate Your Peace of Mind.

Estimate life insurance needs, budget for long-term care and everything in between with our helpful lineup of insurance calculators.

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