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Refinance Your Mortgage, 
and Breathe Easy.

Want to save money on your home loan? Refinancing with us could mean lower monthly payments, shorter loan periods and even additional cash for that remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of! Home sweet home just got a little sweeter.

Learn Why We’re the #1 Mortgage Lender in North Dakota.

  • Pay off your loan faster

    Consider refinancing to shorten your repayment term on your forever home. Just ask a lender for today’s refinance rates!

  • More cash in your pocket

    When you refinance and opt to borrow against your equity, you can invest it back into home projects you’ve been dreaming of!

  • Keeping you local

    We make refinancing your home easy, complete with local servicing options.

  • Convenient digital signing options

    Can’t meet in person? We make signing documents easy throughout the entire process.

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We take pride in making home loans simple – complete with local financing options and pre-approvals we stand behind.

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The first and only program of its kind in the nation, the BetterLife™ Student Loan allows you to consolidate student loan debt with no fees and low fixed rates. Just finance or refinance your home with Gate City Bank!

“If you’re interested in refinancing your current mortgage for one with more favorable terms, we can help! As the #1 mortgage lender in North Dakota, our experts can’t wait to go through your options.”
Reasons to Refinance
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Stacey Herbel
Assistant Vice President, Senior Mortgage Lender

Time to Refinance?

The decision to refinance a home mortgage can involve many factors. You might want to take cash out of your home at when you refinance to use for other purposes. But the most common purpose is to obtain a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments. In the latter case, the decision to refinance should be based on lowering the overall mortgage costs and breaking even on the refinance in a reasonable period of time.