Gate City Bank Committing 43 Acts of Kindness Over Next 43 Days

To celebrate the grand opening of its new Coborn’s grocery store location in Sauk Rapids, MN, Gate City Bank plans to contribute 43 acts of kindness in 43 days.

The 43 days, stretching from February 10 through March 14, are in celebration of Gate City Bank’s 43 locations across North Dakota and central Minnesota.

“Gate City Bank has a heritage of doing good within the communities we serve,” said Ryan Coye, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking. “Our team is excited to bring our special level of service to the residents of Sauk Rapids in a fun way.”

From purchasing coffee to cleaning snow from windshields to spreading cheer, the team will be in full force, sharing kindness and leaving behind an “Act of Kindness” card to share more about the team’s mission. The team encourages individuals to share their story of kindness online, including #GateCityBank in their posts.

The card will also invite individuals to the bank’s grand opening celebration. During this time, guests will be able to register for prizes, take advantage of special bank offers and select a gift from the Gate City Bank vending machine.

“Our Sauk Rapids Coborn’s location has been open since January 14 and we’ve loved being there,” Coye said. “We’re glad to have this extended grand opening opportunity to host guests and hopefully gain them as customers.”

The grand opening will culminate with a ribbon cutting, co-hosted by Coborn’s, to celebrate the Sauk Rapids store renovation.

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