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Online Banking Designed With Everyone in Mind.

You’re a mover, a shaker – a diamond in the rough. You surround yourself with other good people. Without a doubt, you and your hard-earned money are going places. And wherever life takes you, we’ll be by your side, delivering a better online banking experience that helps you forge ahead with confidence.

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Better Banking in the Palm of Your Hands.

We understand that life keeps you on the go, so making a trip to the bank isn’t always in the cards. Whether you’re monitoring account balances, setting custom controls and notifications, moving money or anything in between, our online banking is available 24/7.

When you sign up for online banking, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fast and convenient access to your money

  • A safe and secure banking experience

  • User-friendly tools and resources

Navigate Online Banking With Ease.

Online Banking Designed With Everyone in Mind

Move Money

Whether it’s sending funds to loved ones, paying back a friend for lunch, addressing bills or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Make Payments

Making payments has never been more convenient. No matter where you’re sending money, we have a user-friendly option that’s perfect for you.

Stay Notified

No more waiting for private statements and notices to arrive in the mail! Sign up for online banking and have immediate access to time-sensitive information.

Control Your Card

When it comes to using debit card controls, easily monitor your activity, set travel notifications and put a freeze on your personal debit card.

Keeping You Mobile.

From on-the-go deposits, money transfers, digital statements and everything in between, we’ll keep you on the move with better mobile banking. Download our app today!

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Grow Your Knowledge.

Whether it’s budgeting, creating healthy money habits or something similar, access helpful financial education resources that compliment your online banking experience.

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Fraud Protection to Write Home About.

Your security is paramount, which is why we take proactive steps to protect you from fraud, scams and identity theft.

Have questions about online banking? We have answers!

We’ve made it super easy! Simply follow the registration instructions, and your online banking account will be set up immediately upon verification of the information provided. Please contact us if you have questions with your registration.

Businesses can sign up for online banking immediately after their account is opened by contacting a treasury management consultant or visiting one of our locations. Our team members can review any associated fees before completing the registration.

We care about protecting your personal information! As a safety measure and to prevent unwanted access to your account, we may ask you a challenge question or to provide a one-time passcode to access your online banking account.

Challenge Questions: These are generated from public records and may involve information from several years ago, such as past vehicle registrations. If you ever have trouble recalling answers to the questions, please contact us.

One-Time Passcodes: While logging in to your online banking account, you may be prompted to enter a passcode to proceed to your account. You’ll be asked if you would like this passcode sent via text or phone call. This one-time passcode is valid for one login session.

Events that trigger a challenge question or passcode include:

  • A recently failed log-in
  • Logging in from an unknown device
  • Logging in from a network that has not previously been associated with your device

As an additional security measure, if requested, your account settings can be adjusted to ask challenge questions each time a login is attempted.

This is likely a standard message indicating that you’ve merely entered an invalid User ID or password. If you receive this message and need assistance logging in to your account, click on the “Forgot User ID” or “Forgot Password” links and then follow the prompts. If you have any further questions, please contact us for assistance!

Fear not! For your security, your online banking account will be locked if the password or verification code is entered incorrectly five times. However, we’ve made resetting your password and unlocking your account very easy. Simply click the Forgot User ID/Password and follow the prompts. You can also contact us directly for more assistance!

It's easy! Simply log into online banking, and select "Account Summary" right below "Accounts." Choose your account from below the "Deposit Accounts" list. The account page will load to show that account information and additional details will display on the page.

If you're accessing from our mobile app, choose the account you would like to view more details about. Once you're on that account's page, scroll to the right of the icons and tap the "Details" icon.

From either route, you’ll find the following information:

  • Account name
  • Nickname
  • Current balance
  • Routing number
  • Account number
  • Date opened
  • Interest rate
  • Year-to-date interest

(Psst. More questions? Here is the full list of online banking FAQs.)