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We’ll Keep Your Guard Up With Better Security and Fraud Protection

Your financial security and well-being is of utmost importance to us, so we continuously focus hard on putting resources in place to help protect you from fraud, scams and identity theft.

Protecting Your Better Way of Life.

When it comes to security and fraud prevention, we’re always there for you – keeping you well-informed while keeping a lookout for potential security risks. And if fraud ever is detected, we’ll remain by your side, making sure you experience a smooth resolution.

One way we protect you is by continuously monitoring your debit card activity to spot potential threats. If we suspect fraud, we may call or text you to verify you authorized certain transactions. We’re also here to help you:

Keep Secure

Whether it’s setting up alerts or being able to freeze your debit card, we’ve implemented helpful mechanisms to keep you protected.

Avoid Scams

We’ll help you recognize and defend against threats like phishing and identity theft.

Report Fraud

Whether it’s a suspicious email, an unrecognized transaction or anything in between, we’ve made it easy to report suspected fraud right away.

Secure Your Device

We encourage you to utilize stronger passwords, lock your device, back up important data and more.

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More Security Resources

Stay Current on Common Fraud Activities.

Awareness and diligence are your best defenses when it comes to avoiding the following schemes, which are among the most commonly used by fraudsters:

  1. Phishing

    The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable sources in an effort to trick individuals into revealing personal information.

  2. Smishing

    Any kind of phishing that involves a text message. Remember: Gate City Bank will never text you to ask you for a code, your PIN, your password or any other personal details.

  3. Vishing

    Derived from the term “voice phishing,” this is a form of criminal phone fraud that uses social engineering over the telephone system to gain access to private personal and financial information.

Embracing Security Best Practices Helps Keep You Protected.

Please keep your phone and address information updated with us so we can reach you. You can update information in our mobile app or by calling us anytime.

If you plan on traveling, especially out of the country, please consider letting us know. We can set a travel notification on the debit card you plan to use.

Contact us immediately if you see suspicious transactions.

Please know we won’t send you an email, text message or call you to ask you for your sensitive information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, account numbers, card numbers and PINs.

When it comes to account numbers, passwords and similar personal information, don’t share it over the phone, via mail or online unless you initiated the contact and know with whom you’re dealing. Store sensitive information in a safe place, and shred banking receipts, statements and unused credit card offers.

Venture about with only the minimum identification information and payment methods necessary, such as your main debit card, credit card and driver’s license.

Be careful of random billing statements that show up from businesses you don’t normally receive invoices from. Additionally, review legitimate account statements carefully to ensure you approve of all line items.

When possible, don’t send bills from a mailbox with a physical flag to signal outgoing mail, and promptly remove incoming mail.

Do so simply by visiting AnnualCreditReport.Com.

Simply call 888-5-OPTOUT to be removed from the list of pre-approved credit card offers.

Stopping unsolicited commercial messaging via physical mail, phone and email is very simple.

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A More Secure Future Begins With Us.

Easily gain knowledge about security and fraud protection by checking out a number of our fraud prevention resources.

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Stay in Control.

Life is too short to spend time worrying about the little things. If your debit card ever becomes lost, stolen or misplaced – we’ve got it under control.

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Safeguarding Seniors.

Protect elders from financial abuse and make a difference in senior citizens' lives.

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