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Interest Rates to Pique Your Interest

We’re all about helping you create a better tomorrow – full of promise, hope and ways to make the most of your hard work. That’s why we work tirelessly to bring you our best in interest rates.

Rates You Can’t Afford to Miss.

Whether you’re thinking about opening a personal or business checking, savings, CD or IRA account with us, we can’t wait to serve you! Simply follow the links below to see the latest interest rates and annual percentage yields on a variety of Gate City Bank products, and check back to stay up to date.

Checking and Savings

Earning the best rates for your checking and savings accounts keeps you (and your dollars) growing.

CDs and IRAs

Whether it’s earning the highest interest for your certificate of deposit (CD) or individual retirement account (IRA), we work hard to bring you the best rates for your future finances.

Business Checking and Savings

You’ve worked endless hours to grow your business. Isn’t it about time your business checking and savings accounts now get to work for you?

Business CDs

Our business CD rates will give you the baseline needed to make those important decisions on placing your funds where they can work best.

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Better Offers With Us.

Whether it’s a low rate offer on a loan for your next toy, an upcoming promotional event or an opportunity for a customer discount, never miss out on our special offers geared to save – or give – you dollars.

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