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Carpe Diem With Better Business Savings and CDs

As a business owner, you know what it means to grind – to put everything on the line and work to bring your vision to life. Now it’s time for your hard-earned money to work for you!

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Watch Your [Savings] Profits Grow.

You have a sixth sense when it comes to running your business – you know a smart saving opportunity when it presents itself. It’s a good thing you’re here! Let’s keep an eye on:

Keep Your Business CD Options Open.

Whether you're saving in the short term for a purchase, long term for new equipment or for anything in between, Gate City Bank certificates of deposit (CDs) are simply a better way to build your finances.

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Business CDs

As a business owner, learn how you can easily capitalize on competitive interest rates and grow your hard-earned money with our robust business certificate of deposit (CD) account.

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Business Relationship CDs

Learn more about how you can earn a premium interest rate with our business relationship certificate of deposit (CD), simply by having a business checking account with us and utilizing at least two other services with us.

Savings and CDs, Customized for Your Business.

Which Account Is Right for Me?

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Bank on Us to Serve You.

Your business is one of a kind and tailored to meet the needs of your customers. Your banking experience should be unique, as well! Enjoy better business banking with us.

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Day-to-Day Business Essentials.

If you never stop growing your knowledge, you’ll never stop growing your business! Easily soak up these helpful educational articles, designed just for you.