Which accounts automatically refund ATM fees?

Gate City Bank automatically refunds ATM surcharges (fees) on all checking and savings accounts. You’re not limited on the number of fees refunded, and there’s no need to provide any receipts!

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There are a few options available if you would like to update the PIN for your Gate City Bank debit card:

  • Call our Customer Service Center at 800-423-3344.
  • Visit one of our locations and a team member will assist you.
  • Use an ATM located in one of our locations and follow the prompts to update your PIN.

For instances where there are multiple owners on an account and a specific purchase or ATM withdrawal needs to be identified, the last four digits of the related debit card number will display with each transaction on your monthly account statements, online banking and the mobile app.

Good question! ATM surcharges (fees) are automatically refunded immediately following the posting of the ATM transaction to your account.

Great news: There’s no limit! Any of your checking or savings accounts can be linked.

You’re able to specify one primary checking account to be used for purchases at merchants and be accessible at any ATM. You can also specify one primary savings account to be accessible at any ATM. Additional checking and/or savings accounts can be accessed at any Gate City Bank-owned ATM.

While both savings and money market savings accounts are FDIC-insured, there are three main differences between the two accounts. The first difference is the minimum-balance requirement:

  • For a Regular Savings account, the minimum to open is $50 and the minimum balance to earn interest and APY is $200.1
  • For a Relationship Savings account, the minimum to open is $50 and the minimum balance to earn interest and APY is $100.1
  • For a Minor Savings account, there’s no minimum to open.
  • Our money market savings account requires a $500 minimum to open and the balance requirement is $500 to earn interest and APY.1

The second difference is in interest earned. Money market savings accounts have a higher minimum balance requirement but will earn a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. View our current rates for savings accounts and money market savings accounts.

The final difference is free checks are provided to access your funds with money market savings accounts. Checks are not available with traditional savings accounts.

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1 Maintain the minimum daily balance to maintain the disclosed annual percentage yield. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are accurate as of the effective date shown above only, and are subject to change without notice, at Gate City Bank’s discretion. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.