How current is the information in online banking?

We’re happy to provide clarity! Rest assured that your online balances, transfers and transaction history are live and up-to-the-minute. Online banking will show balances and any transactions that have occurred during the current day.

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Great question! The current balance is the amount of money that is actually in your account at any given time. It reflects only transactions that have posted to your account, not authorized transactions that are pending. The available balance is the account balance minus any funds preauthorized or held (such as outstanding debit card transactions or deposited check holds).

A pending item is a transaction that hasn’t been fully processed yet, such as a debit card purchase. It typically posts to your account within one to two business days, as determined by the merchant.

We’ve got you covered! Checking, savings and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts will have 12 months of history, while loan accounts will have 18 months of history.

It’s easy! Your accounts are listed alphabetically and are separated by category into checking, savings or loans. To change the order, simply change the account nicknames.

To update the account nickname in online banking, select “Account Summary” under “Accounts” in the main navigation. From there, select the account you wish to update. Under “Account Details,” click “Change” next to the account nickname.

To do so in our mobile app, simply tap on the account, then select “Details” and finally “Edit” next to the account nickname.

We’re happy to help with this! Account alerts can easily be set up in online banking or by using our mobile app, and you can opt to receive them via email or text message. We’ve created alerts for:

  • Balances: When either the available balance or actual balance of the account changes.
  • Daily Balances: With either the available balance or actual balance. (You can even specify the alert delivery time.)
  • Cleared Checks: When a specific check number clears the selected account.
  • Loans That Are Due: Before a loan payment is due or if the selected loan is past due. Choose to receive additional reminders after a specified number of days.
  • Maturity: Before the account reaches maturity or when the account reaches maturity. Choose to receive additional reminders after a specified number of days.
  • Transactions: For specific transaction types.
  • Secure Messages: When a new secure message is sent.
  • Debit Cards: For the following:
    • All transactions
    • Transactions over a specified amount
    • International transactions
    • Specific merchant types
    • Specific transaction types

Alerts are processed at the top of every hour. You may not receive your alert immediately as the file can take some time to process.

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