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How do I add or remove accounts from online banking?

We make the process easy! Consider a few factors:

  • All new accounts will automatically be enrolled in or added to your existing online banking account within one business day of being opened.
  • Closed accounts will not be visible in online banking. Online statements will be available for two years from the date closed.
  • You can hide an account without removing it, if needed. To hide an open account in online banking, from the “Accounts” menu, select “Hide Accounts.” Uncheck the box next to the account you wish to hide, then click “Save.” Simply recheck the box to see the account again.

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We take the protection of your personal information very seriously. To protect your online security, we strongly encourage users NOT to share online banking profiles or login credentials. A joint-account owner can call and discuss the account, but any maintenance for online banking can’t be done by someone other than the online banking owner.

If you would like your spouse to have access to online banking for a joint account, you’ll need to register separately for online banking accounts. Please contact us with any questions or if you need further assistance!

We’ve got you covered! Checking, savings and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts will have 12 months of history, while loan accounts will have 18 months of history.

It’s easy! Your accounts are listed alphabetically and are separated by category into checking, savings or loans. To change the order, simply change the account nicknames.

To update the account nickname in online banking, select “Account Summary” under “Accounts” in the main navigation. From there, select the account you wish to update. Under “Account Details,” click “Change” next to the account nickname.

To do so in our mobile app, simply tap on the account, then select “Details” and finally “Edit” next to the account nickname.

For Quicken® (.qfx) or QuickBooks™ (QBO): Click ”Download Transactions” from below “Accounts” in the main menu. From there, select the account and the date range for the transactions.

For Excel (.csv): Click on “Account History” from below “Accounts” in the main menu. From there, select the account and number of days to show. Then, to download, click “Spreadsheet” from just above the transactions table.

We’ve made it super easy! Simply follow the registration instructions, and your online banking account will be set up immediately upon verification of the information provided. Please contact us if you have questions with your registration.

Businesses can sign up for online banking immediately after their account is opened by contacting a treasury management consultant or visiting one of our locations. Our team members can review any associated fees before completing the registration.

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