Simpler Transactions With Samsung Pay

Paying for things shouldn’t be a struggle. Simplify transactions by adding your Gate City Bank debit card to the Samsung Pay mobile app! Download the app from the Google Play Store and start enjoying seamless mobile wallet payments.

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Easiest. Payments. Ever.

So long, fumbling for cash and card swiping. Hello, simplicity! Quickly, easily and safely make payments online, with millions of mobile apps and at a variety of participating retailers.

Whether you’re taking your dog to the groomer, visiting your favorite restaurant, ordering household goods or anything in between, making purchases with Samsung Pay and your Gate City Bank debit card is super simple. It’s also digitally safe, thanks to facial recognition, touch ID and passcode technology. Rest assured, you’re covered with:

  • A quick and easy setup process
  • Faster checkout
  • Contactless payments

You’ll also enjoy all the same perks you’ve come to appreciate with your Gate City Bank debit card, now with a pleasant digital approach. Let’s get you set up!

You’ll love the ease of making mobile payments! To set up Samsung Pay on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Samsung Pay app. (If it’s not on your device, download it here.)

  2. Tap “Get Started.”

  3. Choose a new PIN, then follow the simple prompts to add your Gate City Bank debit card.

That’s all there is to it! Upon verification, you’ll receive a notification to acknowledge your card is ready to be used, digitally.

You can also make purchases with the turn of your wrist! To set up Samsung Pay on your smartwatch, simply take the following actions:

  1. Install the special plug-in through the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

  2. When prompted, grant the necessary permissions.

  3. Make any required software updates.

  4. Tap “Start” and enter your Samsung account information.

  5. Follow the simple steps to add your Gate City Bank debit card.

Upon verification, a notification will be sent to you, letting you know that you’re good to start using Samsung Pay.

Simply Pay and Be on Your Way!

Easily start using mobile wallet by opening Samsung Pay on your phone. From the Pay tab, select your Gate City Bank debit card and tap “Pay.” Choose your preferred security option, such as entering your PIN or using touch ID. Finally, hold the back of the phone up to the contactless reader until it confirms your payment. That’s it!

Have Questions About Using a Mobile Wallet? We Can Help!

Mobile wallet is a convenient way to carry your Gate City Bank debit card information in digital form on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or smartwatch). Once cards are digitally stored and secured within the mobile device, users may use the mobile device for transactions anywhere they are accepted.

With mobile wallet, each transaction is securely encrypted, meaning your actual card or account numbers are never shared with the merchant. Mobile wallet also adds an extra layer of protection as each transaction requires the user to verify via face ID, touch ID, fingerprint or passcode.

Mobile wallet works by using contactless technology, allowing your phone to complete transactions through nearby payment terminals. When a mobile device is used for purchases, the merchant will send a secure, encrypted code through the network and route the transaction to Gate City Bank.

Mobile wallet transactions may be used in stores, within apps or on the web. For in-person transactions (in a store, for example), simply:

  1. Open the mobile wallet app and verify the transaction by using the options compatible with the mobile device:
    • Facial recognition
    • Fingerprint ID scanner
    • Your passcode (used to secure the device)

  2. Tap the phone to the card reader (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay) or hold the top of the phone a few centimeters beside the magnetic stripe reader. When the transaction is complete, your mobile device will display "Done," and a checkmark will display on the device.

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