Does it cost extra to get paid early?

Absolutely not! Payday Your Way comes free with your Gate City Bank checking account.

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Great question! We’ll work to make your funds available to spend the same day we receive a deposit notice from your employer or other payers – up to two days earlier than your scheduled payday.1

This largely depends on when we receive a deposit notice from your employer or other payers. As soon as we receive that notification (except on Sundays or federal holidays), we’ll make the funds available to you!

If you have questions, please contact us and a team member will be happy to help you!

Yes! Simply stop by your nearest Gate City Bank location, or give us a call at 800-423-3344 and we'll assist you with this request right away.

When it comes to protecting yourself from overdraft fees, you have two main options – connecting your Gate City Bank checking account with your savings account or adding a reserve line of credit to provide extra peace of mind:

  • Savings Link: Link your savings as a back-up to your checking account. This service will automatically transfer funds from your Gate City Bank savings account to cover any transactions that may otherwise result in an overdraft fee.
  • Checking Reserve Line of Credit: With a checking reserve line of credit, you pay finance charges on the amount you borrow in addition to an annual fee. You can even use the line of credit to cover short-term cash needs! Access the application here. Gate City Bank’s checking reserve line of credit amounts include a $1,000 minimum and $5,000 maximum. Other key factors:
    • Revolving, no maturity
    • 18% APR2 (annual percentage rate)
    • $35 annual fee

Learn more about helpful hints and habits to avoid overdrafts or check out our BankOn checking account for even more ways to steer clear of overdraft fees.

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1 Early paydays! Isn’t that neat? Your funds will generally be accessible the same day we receive a deposit notice from your payer, up to two days earlier than your scheduled payment. Direct deposit is required, and early access is subject to the payer’s timing in submitting funds.

2 Current loan qualifications apply. Other terms and conditions may apply. Rates are subject to change. Alrighty – see ya later!