Is Tap and Pay safe and secure?

Absolutely! Your information is completely safe. Whenever the Tap and Pay option is used, your debit card’s number is replaced by a unique code, encrypting the transaction and ensuring security.

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All debit cards from Gate City Bank now come equipped with an internal chip, which allows you to tap your card at any applicable terminal to make a payment. Typically, the terminal will beep once, confirming your payment has been accepted.

Note: In instances where retailers may not be equipped to accept Tap and Pay, you’ll still have the ability to insert the card’s chip or swipe the magnetic stripe.

Great news! Many big-box chains, grocery stores, gas stations and other establishments are now accepting Tap and Pay transactions! Just look for this contactless symbol:

Tap and Pay Symbol

The benefits abound! For one, you’ll find that tapping your debit card to pay is much faster than inserting or swiping your debit card. It’s also contactless, allowing you to simply hover the card above a terminal, listen for the beep and go about your day with your new purchase. Simple!

Not all previously issued Gate City Bank debit cards have the Tap and Pay functionality. If your debit card has the following symbol on the back side, you’re all set, and your current card has the Tap and Pay capabilities!

Tap and Pay Symbol

If not, please reorder your debit card today.

Ordering your Gate City Bank debit card is easy! Here are the options:

You should expect to receive your card within 7-10 business days.

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