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How do I use text banking?

It’s very easy to use! The short code or number to text to is 77592. Short codes will only work if you’ve activated text banking for your account(s) on your mobile device. Use any of the following commands:

  • BAL: Check your primary account balance.
  • BAL <nickname>: Learn the balance of a specific account with a given nickname.
  • BAL ALL: See all text banking-enabled account balances.
  • HIST: Review the last five transactions.
  • MORE: Generate five more transactions from your history. (This can be repeated until no additional transactions are available to see.)
  • TRANS: Transfer funds between text banking-enabled accounts.
  • NICK: This returns a list of all text banking-enabled account nicknames.
  • STOP: Deactivate your text banking service with this simple command.
  • HELP: Produce a list of all commands.

Note: Keywords are not case-sensitive. (Example: You can type “help” or “HELP.”) Additionally, once you’ve sent your text command, you should receive a response within one minute. Approximate response time may vary depending on your mobile service provider.

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It’s no sweat! To deactivate text banking, simply text “stop” to 77592 on your activated mobile phone, or you can return to the text banking page in online banking and click the “Delete” link. From there, your phone will no longer receive any text messages from text banking. You can add a new phone at any time if you change your mind in the future.

You bet! After you set up the first number, select the “Add Phone” button below your mobile phone number on the text banking page and simply complete the process.

It’s a piece of cake! Simply log into online banking and navigate to text banking. From there, you can deactivate your mobile phone from within the text banking page by clicking “Delete” next to your phone number. From there, register a new mobile phone number for text banking.

You sure can! Easily transfer funds to and from any account enabled for text banking. Simply follow this format when texting: Trans <from acct nickname> <to acct nickname> <amount to transfer XX.XX>

For example, "Trans Chk Sav 10.00" would transfer $10 from checking to savings. A message will be returned upon a successful transfer.

It’s easy! Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in and activate.

    Log in to online banking and select text banking from the “Profile/Settings” menu. Register the mobile number we have on file for you or enter a new mobile phone number. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Register.”

  2. Verify your phone.

    We will send you a text message with a unique activation code that you’ll need to enter to complete the process. (This ensures that it’s your phone number and it’s in your possession.) Once verified, select the accounts you would like to use with text banking. Be sure to designate your main account as the primary.

  3. Start texting!

    Now with your phone set up, simply send a text command to 77592 whenever you want, and we’ll send the response right back to your phone. (It’s just like texting your friends!) Here’s a quick list of some of the common requests you can text:

    • BAL: Receive current and available balances for a primary account you designate.
    • BAL ALL: Get updated on the current and available balances for all of your text banking-enabled accounts.
    • HIST: See the last five transactions in your primary account.

    There’s no charge to use text banking from Gate City Bank, but message and data rates may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren’t sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

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