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BetterLife Spotlight: An Ongoing Series

At Gate City Bank, we’ve invested in the best: team members who are driven to make a difference by creating a better way of life for customers, communities and one another. Because we know when passions shine, our people shine.

Kim Settel smiles for the camera while wearing a black blazer

Kim Settel

From the time Kim Settel was a little girl, her dad always knew she was destined for great things. Ultimately, their special bond led to the career of a lifetime – and a better way of life for many.

Lezan Tahir smiles in a shirt and tie from Gate City Bank’s location in downtown Fargo, ND

Lezan Tahir

When Lezan Tahir’s parents sacrificed everything to achieve American citizenship, it led to a better way of life than they could have ever dreamed.

Joe Hanstad smiles at the camera while wearing a professional business

Joe Hanstad

Through his love for basketball, learn how Joe Hanstad has become exceptionally good at drafting strategies that help grow his customers’ wealth.

Bleau Hoge, LPL financial advisor with Gate City Investment services, poses in his military uniform before the American flag

Bleau Hoge

Through investing, banking and military service, Bleau Hoge has been proud to support his clients and country from his hometown of Bismarck, ND.

Elizabeth Radil smiles in a professional headshot featuring her in a first responder uniform

Elizabeth Radil

Like a moth to the flame, Elizabeth Radil was naturally drawn to the role of personal lender – and volunteer firefighter.

Scott Gartner smiles while at the Gate City Bank corporate office in Fargo, North Dakota

Scott Gartner

Scott Gartner’s tenacious spirit and knack for efficiency have been key to bringing some of Gate City Bank’s largest initiatives to life. Keep reading to learn more!

David Hadden

Moments have always meant a great deal to David Hadden. His job is to capture them, telling our story through beautiful photos, video and graphic design.

Darlene Risch smiling headshot

Darlene Risch

Experiencing the evolution of banking firsthand throughout the past 50 years has given Darlene Risch a unique perspective. Read more!

Megan Pflipsen smiles from her desk at Gate City Bank in Sauk Rapids Minnesota

Megan Pflipsen

See how Megan Pflipsen and her beloved team members are making a big – and creative – impact in our central Minnesota communities.

Sue Anderson professional headshot

Sue Anderson

  When it comes to helping customers navigate setbacks – especially with the COVID-19 pandemic – learn how Sue Anderson and her team have made an impact by offering hope and healing.

Leona Hurlbut professional headshot

Leona Hurlbut

Crafting unique blankets and animals for expecting mothers creates warmth in more ways than one. The same goes for Leona Hurlbut’s approach to helping Gate City Bank customers.

Darryl Jorgenson sits at his desk at Gate City Bank in Grand Forks ND

Darryl Jorgenson

Learn about how a leap of faith led Darryl Jorgenson to discover there’s no place like home – and nothing like helping community businesses succeed.

Lisa Balzer smiles while sitting on a couch and posing for the camera

Lisa Balzer

Years ago, Lisa Balzer had to leave her work family to help loved ones experiencing health challenges. Little did she know, however, her Gate City Bank story was far from over.