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Making Cents With Simply Save

What’s better than the satisfaction of finally hitting that financial goal you’ve been saving toward for a while? Hitting said goal faster because you’ve seamlessly transferred cents from each transaction to an approved account with Simply Save. You simply set it up, and we’ll simply help you save.1

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Round Up for Savings Abound.

Simply Save is an incredibly easy way to put money away for financial goals or pay off debt without any extra thought or effort. Easily harness the power of your Gate City Bank debit card to round up transactions and have the extra money deposit into an approved account or loan of your choice.

Using Simply Save is a piece of cake – which is actually a great example of how the offering could work! Let’s say you purchase a piece of cake from your local bakery for $2.50. From there, Simply Save would round up to the next dollar amount with 50 cents, then deposit that difference into an account of your choice. Easy…and delicious!

Just Follow Three Easy Steps.

  1. Use your Gate City Bank debit card to make a purchase

  2. Allow Simply Save to round up to the next dollar

  3. Watch as your savings grow or loan debt diminishes

Getting Started Is Quick and Easy.

Sign up by using the form to choose which checking account you’d like to use and select where you want the funds to go:

  • Savings
  • Checking
  • Money market savings
  • Personal loan
  • BetterLife™ Student Loan

Pro Tip:

Be sure to enroll your Gate City Bank checking account in electronic statements to be eligible to round up funds. All debit cards on the checking account will begin rounding up for Simply Save within two business days.

Your Simply Save Account

Thank you for rounding up with Simply Save! Your account updates will be effective within two business days. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

Please select an option:

Simply Save FAQs

You can set up Simply Save with any active personal or business checking accounts that have a debit card connected. All debit card purchases associated with an account are included in Simply Save round-ups, including recurring payments. To note: ATM withdrawals are not included in the program. There is no limit to the number of checking accounts that can be connected to Simply Save.

Specifically, round-up funds may be applied to the following personal and business account types:

  • Savings
  • Checking
  • Money market
  • Personal loans
  • BetterLife™ Student Loans

Mortgage loans, revolving lines of credit, certificates of deposit (CDs), retirement accounts, home equity loans, business loans or accounts outside of Gate City Bank are not eligible for Simply Save at this time.

Great question! If you’d like to set up your round-up funds with Simply Save to deposit into an account you don’t own (as an example, for a child or other relative), just complete the Simply Save authorization form. (Note: The account that will receive the round-up Simply Save funds must be an eligible Gate City Bank account.)

Good question! You’re unable to adjust the amount to round up with Simply Save. However, you can rest assured it will always automatically round up to the next dollar.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! A Simply Save round-up transfer won’t occur if:

  • A negative balance already exists.
  • The transfer will create a negative balance.

If you return a purchase or your debit card transaction is canceled or reversed, the corresponding Simply Save transfer will remain in the designated account. Note: Credit or adjustment transactions won’t be rounded up.

We combine the round-up funds from purchases each business day into a single lump sum that goes into your account at the end of the day. Transfers on weekends and federal holidays are completed on the next business day.

If you would no longer like to use the Simply Save program, simply contact us at any time and we would be happy to assist you.

Fear not! If the checking account enrolled in the Simple Save program (or the account receiving round-up transfers) is closed, the Simply Save service will be canceled. If you choose to apply round-up payments toward a loan and the loan becomes paid in full, you may re-enroll in Simply Save at any time and associate it with a different account.

Rounding Up More Answers: Contact Us.

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1 Must use electronic statements to qualify. Gate City Bank may cancel or modify Simply Save anytime, without notice. Limitations on eligible account types apply.