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Welcome to free ATMs, debit card rewards and much more! Whether you’re opening your first checking account or looking for more perks, we’ll guide you to the perfect account.

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Neighborhood service. Worldwide perks. With Gate City Bank, come enjoy free ATMs everywhere, early paydays and more!

What’s the Best Checking Account for Me? Let’s Compare Options.

All Gate City Bank checking accounts come with exclusive benefits, including:
  • Special gift for new checking customers
  • Check and debit card buyback when you switch to Gate City Bank
  • Instant-issue debit cards at all locations across ND and MN
  • 24/7 mobile and online banking
  • Easy and safe debit card controls
Features Totally FREE1 Checking  Benefit Interest Checking Premium Interest Checking BankOn Checking
Get started. Open This Account Open This Account Open This Account
Minimum to Open $50 $50 $50 $25
Monthly Service Charge None None $8 if balance is less than $1,000 $5 for customer age 24+
Earn Interest Not Included. Included. Included. Not Included.
Free ATMs Anywhere Included. Included. Included. Included.
Debit Card Rewards Included. Included. Included. Included.
Free Custom Debit Card Designs Included. Included. Included. Included.
Free Checks Not Included. Included. Not Included. Not Included.
Early Paydays2 Included. Included. Included. Included.
Overdraft Protection Options Included. Included. Included. Included.
Learn more. Account Details Account Details Account Details Account Details

Have something else in mind? You can explore our business checking options, too!

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Byeeeeee, Overdraft Fees!

We get that life comes with surprise expenses, which may lead to unexpected overdraft fees. With alternatives like our checking reserve line of credit, Savings Link and our BankOn checking account, we’ve got options to help keep you covered.

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Totally FREE Checking

Free ATMs everywhere. No minimum balance. No monthly service charge. Discover all of the perks of Totally Free Checking – perfect for students!

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Benefit Interest Checking

Would you like to earn interest just by having a checking account? Gate City Bank’s Benefit Interest Checking may be the best option for you!

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Premium Interest Checking

Earn a higher interest rate simply by maintaining a higher balance with Gate City Bank’s Premium Interest Checking account!

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BankOn Checking

Struggle with keeping track of your balance? Our BankOn Checking account may be the perfect solution. Your account will never be overdrawn, so you can say goodbye to unexpected fees.

“Opening my account was easy, and it took less than 15 minutes. I also got my debit card on the spot! The employees are always friendly. The app is great for checking my balance and moving money around, too.”
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1 No maintenance or activity fees. Other fees, including overdraft fees, may apply. See fee schedule for details.

2 Early paydays! Isn’t that neat? Your funds will generally be accessible the same day we receive a deposit notice from your payer, up to two days earlier than your scheduled payment. Direct deposit is required, and early access is subject to the payer’s timing in submitting funds.