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About Anti-Spyware Software

  1. Anti-Spyware software typically works in two ways:

    Prevents Spyware
    Anti-Spyware software prevents spyware programs from collecting information on your computer and providing it to unknown parties.

    Detects and Removes Spyware
    Anti-Spyware software detects and removes spyware from your computer using a library of spyware file definitions and cures.

  2. Anti-Spyware software is available at any electronics store, either online or offline.

    *Some Anti-Spyware vendors include:

    *Gate City Bank does not endorse a specific Anti-Spyware vendor

  3. *Check the list of programs on your computer to verify if Anti-Spyware software is already installed on your computer. Look for program names that may match one of the vendors listed below.

    *Gate City Bank does not endorse a specific Anti-Spyware vendor


  4. Spyware collects data and shares it with outside parties without your knowledge. It’s made more dangerous when combined with malware and spread by cyber criminals. That’s why it’s important to have both Antivirus and Anti-Spyware protection. 

  5. Most Antivirus software vendors offer protection from spyware within their products or as a separate purchase. Be sure to verify that Anti-Spyware protection is included, or purchase a separate Anti-Spyware software package.